Introducing PEB Ready Reckoner: Revolutionizing PEB Steel Structure Estimations

PEB Ready Reckoner stands as the world's first application designed to deliver rapid and precise preliminary estimation calculations for Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) steel structures. This innovative app is backed by a vast database containing over 100,000 pre-designed structures, enabling it to swiftly and accurately generate estimates tailored to specific project requirements.

Key Features:

• Extensive Database: Equipped with a comprehensive database of over 100,000 pre-designed structures, allowing for quick access to diverse design options.

• Code Compliant Calculations: Adheres to international standards, providing steel design calculations in accordance with the Indian code IS 800:1607 and the American code AISC 360.

• Wind Load Calculation: Utilizes IS 875:1615 standards for precise wind load calculations, ensuring the structural integrity of the PEB steel structure.

• Frame Options:Offers six different types of frame options, allowing users to select the most suitable design for their specific project needs.

• Versatile Design Range: Capable of generating calculations for PEB structures with spans ranging from 10m to 90m, providing flexibility for various project scales.

• Shed Height Variation:Accommodates a wide range of shed heights, from 6.0m to 15m eave height, offering versatility for diverse project requirements.

• Customizable Quotations:Generates quotations for buildings of any length, providing users with the flexibility to estimate costs for projects of varying sizes.

• Gantry Girders and Gable Options:Allows users to choose between designs with or without gantry girders and with or without gables, providing tailored solutions for specific project aesthetics and requirements.

How it Works:

1.Database Access:Select from a vast array of pre-designed structures stored in the app's database.

2.Data Modification: Customize the chosen structure by inputting project-specific data to meet the exact requirements.p>

3.Calculation: The app processes the modified data and performs accurate calculations based on the selected design criteria and international standards.

4.Estimation: Swiftly generates a detailed estimation, including steel design calculations, wind load assessments, and other critical factors.

5.Quotation Generation: Delivers a comprehensive quotation for the entire project, with options for gantry girders, gables, and other customizable features.

PEB Ready Reckoner represents a groundbreaking leap in PEB steel structure estimation, providing engineers, architects, and builders with a powerful tool to streamline the estimation process and ensure accuracy in project planning.


Welcome to our cutting-edge PEB Ready Reckoner – a technological marvel revolutionizing precision in Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) estimation. Experience one-click accuracy for main steel, purlin, sag rod, anchor bolt, and all accessories associated with steel PEB construction. Streamline your calculations effortlessly on our user-friendly platform, ensuring unparalleled efficiency in your PEB projects.



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